Open letter to the Chairman of the Republican National Convention, Mr. Mike Duncan

Mr. Chairman,
I am a Canadian citizen and a fan of all things American. I watch the news every day. I have visited your magnificent country many times.
I admire the innovation spirit, entrepreneurship and courage of Americans. Your is a great democracy, a beacon of freedom for other nations. 
Or rather, it was.
Americans used to be able to differ in their opinions peaceably, respect others and work together nevertheless. You invented the concept of bipartisanship.

But lately, I have seen in the news things that really scare me. When Governor Palin mentioned the name of Senator Obama, the Democratic Presidential nominee, during a speech, some people booed (which is okay, because after all it is a partisan gathering). But what sent a cold shiver up my spine was the voices that yelled : KILL HIM!
This is clearly unacceptable and not worthy of the party of Lincoln and Eisenhower (a man I admire very much), who fought so that the racist, hateful forces of the Third Reich could not take over the world. The Nazis blamed the Jews for everything. Are the Republicans enroute to blaming Mr. Obama for everything? Whatever happened to respect for your opponent and fait rules of engagement?

It is tempting when the economy is in tatters, to find an easy scapegoat — the stranger, the one who is ‘not like us.’ It is easy to attributer all woes to « that one » who is no longer a person, but a target for hatred. If someone in the RNC does not stand up very soon and say « This is out of character and we reject that », your credibility in the eyes of the world will dip to new lows.

Time is running out. You must act now. Don’t wait until someone tries to do exactly what was suggested. The world would hold you accountable for that.




There are too many people in the world nowadays who like to paint the Americans as morons, insensitive, greedy racists and ignorant people. Do yourself, your party and your country a favour : PROVE THEM WRONG.
Enough is enough.
Ya basta.

Videos of the hate incidents – Vidéos des propos haineux – Vídeos de las observaciones rencorosas

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