Dear Senator McCain

Dear Senator Mc Cain,

I am Canadian (and English is a second language to me) but I want to bring to your attention the increasingly hateful discourse about the current Administration and President Obama in particular. It is getting downright scary. The Republican Party you love is losing its moderate voters fast because of the hateful departures from reality spread by right-wing bloggers and talk radio hosts, not to mention certain cable TV pundits (I am sure you know who I mean). I do not want to include an hyperlink in this message (it might be considered a security breach) but I beg you to read Frank Rich’s op-ed column in June 13th’s « New York Times », the piece is titled « The Obama Haters’ Silent Enablers« .

Debate is getting irrational, some lone gunmen have reacted to the ambient hate and yet the untruths get piled up more every day. You showed on election night that you know what is right, that you are loyal to your country even in defeat. You are widely respected. Please do not let Colin Powell be alone in calling on the carpet the liars and racists and « birthers » who spread untruths. I am counting on you to protect the honour of your beautiful country and the party of Lincoln. You have nothing to lose but you can make a big difference in your country’s future if you speak up now.


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