You don’t know Jack?

[American Petroleum Institute] API is coordinating a series of « Energy Citizen » rallies… we are asking all API members to get involved… recent opinion research… conducted for API demonstrates that our messages… work extremely well and are very persuasive with the general public and policy influentials… our member company… commitment to provide significant attendance – is essential to achieving the participation level… API will provide the up-front resources to ensure logistical issues do not become a problem… Please treat this information as sensitive… we don’t want critics to know our game plan.
Jack N. Gerard President & CEO American Petroleum Institute
(E-mail from Jack Gerard to API members leaked to Greenpeace in August this year and subsequently released by us to the media.)
So you see, the climate change deniers stop at nothing to convince people they can continue to pollute and waste our resources. But THEY have something to hide!
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