Enlightened comments about Harper and prorogation

I am merely reproducing what someone else wrote on http://www.theglobeandmail.com/blogs/bruce-anderson/how-to-make-prorogation-stick/article1425815/

Watch this CTV report by Robert Fife:
There is a pattern of Harper shutting things down if doesn’t like something and potential for a crisis because it appears that Harper is attempting to stifle democracy in Canada.

Watch the CBC At Issue panel:
There are genuine reasons to be very concerned about the health of Canadian democracy.
The Calgary Herald headline for the following article: In proroguing Parliament, Harper accused of undermining democracy.

What you can do:
1. Email and phone your Conservative MP constantly to request a meeting in his/her constituency office, keep track of correspondence and responses, be persistent, make them work at home, tie up his/her time meeting with constituency work, be creative, but make them be in the office meeting with you and other constituents;

2. Start a “Boo Harper” campaign on Facebook and Twitter, to boo whenever he or one of his Ministers appear at an Olympic event in BC;

3. Send an email to the Governor General info@gg.ca with the Subject heading:

Dear Governor General:
You are doing a fantastic job handing out awards and anniversary greetings, as well as, traveling around the country and the world, however, your real job is to be a check in our Constitutional system of government and to protect the institutions of democracy that make it accountable to the people, on this responsibility you have failed and weakened our democracy, therefore, I request that you resign since you have abdicated your Constitutional duties Canadians have entrusted in you.

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