Another explanation for the prorogation?

Mr. Lloyd Fournier, Deputy Chief of Political Affairs, Algonquin Woodland Métis Anishinabek Tribe (AWMAT) of the Eastern Woodlands of Canada, writes me this email :

« Read what we have had to say about grave events about to take place in Vancouver. Our position (published on our page) gives a more likely explanation for shutting down parliament. The next few weeks are likely to become a major international incident – right on Canadian soil. Each side is moving steadily towards a major confrontation. We continue urging our Aboriginal brothers and sisters to avoid such a confrontation. Experience tells us that when such a thing happens as it did at Ipperwash in Ontario; lives can be lost. We have read requests from our Aboriginal brothers and sisters for some serious medical supplies that may be rerquired when and if a confrontation takes place. On the other hand, we are watching an inordinate amount of RCMP, Vancouver police and CBSA focus on Vancouver.

When and if such a confrontation does take place, we believe that Prime Minister Harper does not want such things discussed (as they surely would be) in a sitting parliament. Instead, the government will want to avoid this until the spin doctors can implement some sort of damage control – as was tried by (then) Premier Harris in Ontario.

Let us all ask the Creator to steer our people away from an event that has the potential to set back our positive work in the area of political activism. These are very dark days for our people and for this country. »

He is referring to  « Our Official Position on Potentially Violent Actions in Vancouver« 

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