CAPP — A second wave of action is in the works

There are also anti prorogation rallies being organized in other countries. According to Emily Dee:

« International Rallies for Canadians Against Prorogation are taking place in New York, Dallas and London, England. We’ve gone international and have members from the Netherlands and Germany. We’re not alone in our fight for democracy. Join and tell your friends to join. Let’s make it a day to remember. »

And do you realize Stockwell Day — a high school graduate — has been named president of the Treasury Board? You can count on senseless budget cuts!

« A historical parallel to 1930s Germany?
There is an ominous rough parallel to prorogation, namely Article 48 of the Weimar Republic in 1930s Germany. It was a provision that functioned similarly to Canadian prorogation, intended to be invoked only under certain emergency conditions, but these were not clearly enough spelled out; the first use of Article 48 to suspend the German parliament was over the government of the day’s inability to obtain a parliamentary majority for its financial reform bill, which was voted down by the Reichstag, with the result that the bill was stalled in debate. The government, however, did not seriously try to negotiate with the Parliament to find a modus vivendi. Instead, Article 48 was invoked, but the Reichstag voted to invalidate that move, with the result that the Chancellor was forced to call an election. So far so good. The result of the election however was a more fragmented parliament with no clear majority, so that each time there was a governing crisis that did not favour the ruling party, Article 48 would again be invoked, most significantly when it was used by then Chancellor Adolph Hitler when he couldn’t get the existing coalition to do his bidding. There followed what was to become a single party (Nazi) dictatorship in which civil liberties were curtailed and a police state instituted. It all started with the use of the German equivalent to prorogation. »

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