Maclean’s is full of it and so is Andrew Coyne

Parodie de la couvertude de maclean's par Imagerie populaire

© Luc Vaillancourt – Imagerie populaire 2012

Spoof of the Maclean’s cover by Luc Vaillancourt, Imagerie populaire. Collection de montages photos sur la grève étudiante du Québec qui ont circulé sur les médias sociaux. – Mis à jour par @NieDesrochers.

I am fuming.

The real tuition increase is $254 X 7 years = $1,778. Maclean’s knows it. Martin Patriquin knows it. But they cater to their clientele of rabid anti middle and lower class, 1%, anti-Quebec racist crowd. So who cares about reality? Reality has a wellknown liberal bias (Stephen Colbert).

I am not going to read that piece of [insert suitable description].

Martin Patriquin did not bother to do  SINGLE interview. Funny, I thought that is what he was paid for. Or is it? Maybe you are paid to reinforce ROC prejudice? I would not be surprised. I guess the rednecks will buy this issue en masse, and think it’s the truth. So good for a positive social climate, hey?

P.S. WE (NOT JUST THE STUDENTS) are also revolting against corruption, waste, austerity and dubious government decisions, in case you have not noticed!

Yes we are marching against corruption! I guess it is because we don’t like it all that much, despite what Maclean’s and Patriquin wrote last year.

And Andrew Coyne is cooperating in the hatchet job. Oh, I guess it is normal when you are the son of a governor of the Bank of Canada…

I’ll leave it at that but I’ll add other links below.

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