Ah, freedom of expression. What a marvulous thing

Some people still don’t know the difference between freedom of expression and saying anything you want, any way you want, whenever you want. There may be none in the States. But that’s why I am Canadian, at least for the moment (Justin Trudeau’s comment I agree with.) I like(d) the idea that, for instance, hate speech is (was?) illegal in Canada.

It seems to annoy some people prodigiously that we (still?) have a Charter of Rights and Freedoms here. Because they are envious of the U.S. model.  I, for one, am not.

And they are seeing to it that protections against abuse are demolished brick by brick. They also paint people who disagree with them as enemies of the State, traitors… take your pick.
I wrote this entry in the wake of Margaret Wente’s plagiarism incident. It is not about plagiarism. There is another problem, far more serious, in what passes as social or political commentary nowadays in Canada. It is presenting unresearched pseudofacts based on thin air, just impressions,  ad hominem* attacks, smears, xenophobia and insinuations based on no facts at all or worse, complete fabrications as « freedom of expression ».
The problem is that you will never convince the people who should most urgently realize it. It is NOT conservatism, which is a perfectly respectable point of view.
Welcome to the U.S.’s 51th state and, more importantly, its poisoned public policy discourse. You can see how well that works.
*Or at feminem* attacks. The phrase « …in the original German… » from J.L. Granatstein – of all people! – comes to mind. You don’t like Pauline Marois? Fine, I am not expecting you to. But to get a Godwin right off the bat, TWO days after the election and after Ms. Marois was shot at? Richard Henry Bain is no Claus von Stauffenberg. What is Granatstein going to say two years from now, after using all his ammunition?
And I know how to spell marvelous. It is satire. Directed at whom, I let you guess.
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