Highly recommended blog: âpihtawikosisân, and « what is the matter with the ‘Indjans’ again? »

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I am an ally

Watch this 11-year-old young woman from Courtenay B.C. « Women hold up half the sky » (Mao Zedong). They are standing up everywhere to save our Mother Earth. Her name is Ta’Kaiya Blaney, from Sliammon First Nation, Powell River. look her up on YouTube.


For people who want to understand better what Idle No More and Chief Theresa Spence’s hunger strike are about, I recommend âpihtawikosisân

Or this: Quick round-up of #IdleNoMore reading

Here is a CBC exclusive interview with Chief Theresa Spence

They are trying to stick bullshit on Chief Spence (Harper always smears his opponents; the list of people targeted is very long!) but it does not work: Court refutes Harper government: Attawapiskat was not financially mismanaged.

The financial statements are here.

How would you like to live in this?
shack at attawapiskat

The Anglo press is treating her exactly like they are treating Quebec: The hunger artist.

I saved my comment because I expect it will be deleted:

« Well if she takes money out of the band account for PR expenses for this campaign, you are going to nail her for it. She gets donations – still an moocher « Indjan », I guess? BTW there was no mismanagement on her part http://rabble.ca/blogs/bloggers/apihtawikosisan/attawapiskat-was-not-financially-mismanaged#.UNxmgSLO9aV.facebook but I guess that does not fit your cognitive dissonance. Maclean’s is so predictable it is funny. Maclean’s attitude towards First Nations is exactly the same as towards Québec: scorn, half-truths (being very polite here), twisting or cherrypicking facts. Like saying the financial statements are hidden http://www.attawapiskat.org/financial-statements/ (BTW I am a former federal auditor). Ah those irritating minorities…

« How much exactly are the Koch Brothers and Lockheed Martin (and other corporations and Americans) contributing to the CPC? A lot more than a few dollars. But hey, they wear ties, so it’s allright. J’en ai ras le bol. »

By the way, Lachine (settled by Europeans circa 1689)  where I live is just across the river from Kahnawake.


Great Blue Heron, often seen fishing in the rapids under Champlain Bridge and flying over Mercier Bridge

One of many, many across the planet: Video: 1,300-Person Idle No More Flash Mob in Seattle


Chelsea Vowel: No, things are not getting better for Canadian natives

Breakin’ it Down: Here are Some of the New Bill Features and Just How Treaties Break, by Robert Animikii Horton

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