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In French we say: “when you want to drown your dog, you pretend he has rabies”. Of course we know that obesity has a link with poverty. And also we know that the face is the last place where some people lose weighthttp://www.diet-blog.com/06/fat_distribution_and_spot_reduction.php. We also know that when a person is in really bad shape, they become bloated (my grandmother was really bloated in the last 3 or 4 days befire she died of heart failure).

And we also know that male political opponents are attacked on their ideas while women are declared crazy, threatened or ridiculed for their looks, style of dress, age or weight (whether it’s true or not is not important). I has happened to me personally.

And we also know that the accusations of mismanagement have been rebuked 1000 times, with facts and figures.

But who cares, eh? We know we are dealing with a junta that does not hesitate to character assassinate people.

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The comments sections on some newspapers and online news sites can be infamously bad. The Calgary Herald’s commenters, many of them frequent enough to be « top commenters », put on a despicable display today. Chief Spence ended her hunger strike, and was hospitalized as a precaution because she’s been without proper nutrition for six weeks. Obviously such a drastic diet, with the purpose of forcing an emotional outpouring of support for political ends, is not healthy.

Mike Neumeier · Top Commenter
Look at her, there’s no way she was on a liquid-only diet – stop lying already. I’m pretty sure I saw her pounding down 6 mama-burgers at A & W the other day.

Ah yes, fat jokes about the lady who has been starving the past six weeks. Starving because the Prime Minister is too prideful to grant even an hour for himself and the Governor General to meet…

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