Not recent but still relevant and, even if C-30 is « abandoned » I am willing to bet « lawful access » will be in the next budget omnicrapbill next month. (Yeah it’s that time of the year again.).

Niagara At Large

 By Mark Taliano 

Harper’s Canada slides towards totalitarianism while most Canadians look the other way… 

Naomi Wolf’s The End Of America, Letter Of Warning To A Young Patriot might just as well be named The End of Canada, since the Government of Canada, now re-branded the “Harper Government”, is following many of the steps that governments follow (in varying degrees) to transition away from democracy and into the murky world of totalitarianism. 

These, then, are the ignoble steps that Harper’s Canada is embracing to suppress the flames of liberty: 

 Invoke an External and Internal Threat. 

Harper sees the world outside Canada as a threat, so it follows that he sees the necessity of keeping Canada on a permanent war footing. At the June, 2011 Conservative convention, when asked by Macleans editor Kenneth Whyte whether we were “in a great conflict or heading towards one,”…

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