sis_logoWords fail me. After the Pickton Affair, after the inquiry report in B.C., police forces still are doing nothing to address their shocking racism and near-complete lack of interest in the disappearances and murders of HUNDREDS of First Nations women???

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Last week, the New York based Human Rights Watch issued a report entitled Those Who Take Us Away: Abusive Policing and Failures in Protection of Indigenous Women and Girls in Northern British Columbia, Canada. This report detailed various abuses of Indigenous women at the hands of the BC policing forces, including instances of physical and sexual assault. This report surprised far more people than it should have, given that it is the latest report in a series of more longstanding efforts to document the colonial violence endured by Indigenous women in Canada. In 2004, for example, Amnesty International put out at report titled Stolen Sisters that detailed the various structural inequalities that have produced not only alarming rates of violence against Aboriginal women but hundreds of cases of missing and murdered Aboriginal women as well. Following this report, in 2005 the Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) embarked on…

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      Church attendance in Québec is down to 10% in urbanized centres, a little higher in the boondocks. Many Québécois associate The Roman Church with pedophilia, homophobia and other niceties and are negative/agressive towards it. I am myself a former Catholic.

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