Tell me again Canada is a « good-guy country »! What a f* crock of shit! WE INSPIRED SOUTH AFRICAN APARTHEID!


These kids were put in handcuffs by our oh-so-nonracist RCMP and flown out of their villages without a chance to say goodbye. That’s supposed to be civilization. Give me a barf bag please. (The RCMP had made so many grievous mistakes I think they should be disbanded just like the Royal Ulster Constabulary and for the same reasons.)

What we did to the First Nations? Just a tiny sample OMFG!

Very strong emotions here. A lot of megasadness. How does it feel to be deprived of your nation, your identity, your neighbours, your village, your parents, brothers and sisters, your ancestors, your family, your bearings… all at once? AS A YOUNG CHILD!!! To be treated worse than dirt? Sterilized so you cannot have chidren? raped? The list is endless.

I am amazed at the power of forgiveness our Red and Brown brothers and sisters have. We are lucky.

My ancestors did that. (Own it for crissakes.) I am crying so hard I can barely see the screen. I cry especially as a mother.

Oh Goddess what can I say? I know what abuse is like. But at least my whole universe was not collapsing on me at the same time! I had straws.

We have to fix this. Like, last century.

Maybe more people died in the Shoah. Is it a matter of how many? I don’t think so. The greed, the scorn, the racism and the evil intent are just as bad. I think we are just as guilty as the Nazis. I dare you to argue with me!

This has been debated before. There are always « Canadian intellectuals » to find convenient excuses, andf say it does not compare and blah blah. Making money and being lazy and complacent is such a good excuse for overlooking human rights violations. Oh good, we are throwing them peanuts. Where do you get your electricity? Your gas? Your wedding ring? Ten thousand other examples?

We turned away ships full of Jewish refugees in the 1940s. It was criminal. But because they have powerful and rich lobbies, they now have a museum out West and a monument in Halifax. It is justified. This is not my point. My point is, what about the other people we exterminated?

My point is, everyone knows the Shoah was grievoulsy wrong. Admitting it is normal. BUT admitting we eradicated whole nations and cultures, right here in Canada, people no one cares about, not so much. Is there an international lobby to defend Indigenous rights? There should be because the human losses are at least the same, just in North America (Turtle Island… get used t it). And there are no real reparations for our Red and Brown brothers, sisters and two-spirited persons. Their cause is not sexy, defended by powerful lobbies.

The crime is just as great. And it continues.

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