I often disagree with Mr. Coyne but here I have to say he is non-partisan. Indeed, we were told by most of the press « there is nothing bad in this budget ». As he points out, nothing could be further from the truth.

And some measures are shockingly racist or show the contempt for civil servants that is the usual fare from Ottawapiskat since at least 2011.

And expect a row with the provinces about manpower training. It’s already begun with Quebec. Also, I betcha the $5,000 is not going to be indexed.

Corporations already have too much of a say about what is being taught and HOW it is being taught. This makes it worse.

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The convention of budget secrecy has governed the release of budgets for many decades, on the principle that sensitive tax or regulatory changes that might move markets ought to be announced to everyone at the same time. Hence the “lockup,” in which hundreds of reporters are herded into drafty conference halls hours ahead of the budget speech and imprisoned there, incommunicado, lest they call their brokers with hot tips on, say, the doubling of veterans’ funeral allowances.

[np_storybar title= »Scott Stinson: ‘Devil’ could still be in budget details » link= »http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2013/03/22/scott-stinson-so-where-exactly-are-all-the-cuts/ »]
In the cold light of a post-budget morning — and that’s not a metaphor given the weather in Ottawa on Friday — there is a key unanswered question about the document unveiled by the Conservative government on Thursday: where, exactly, are all the cuts?

To hear Finance Minister Jim Flaherty explain it, the reason for a lack of detail about spending cuts…

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