My grandfather was wounded in Passchendaele

Arthur Girard_c
This Song For You
(Chris de Burgh)

Hello darling, this is the army,
I’ve just got the time to write,
Today we attack, there’s no turning back,
the boys they’re all ready for the fight.

Yes, I’m well but this place is like hell,
they call it Passchendaele,
In nineteen seventeen the war must be ending,
the General said this attack will not fail;

So I’m writing down this little melody
When you play it my love, think of me…
We’ll be together in this song for you,
And it goes Lalala…sing it darling…Lalala…

They got old Bill and the Sergeant is still out there
Wounded in some shellhole,
They say this war will end all wars,
Oh God I really hope it will,

Oh how’s old England, are they still singing
those songs that we loved to sing,
When all this is over, we’ll go sailing in Dover,
catching fish like we used to with a string,

Oh I miss you, I miss you, I miss you so,
If they get me my love you will know…
We’ll always be together in this song for you…

And it goes Lalala…I have to go now…
take care of yourself my love

I forgot to say my other grandfather was also a volunteer in WWI.

One hundred percent. Not bad for a nation of cowards, racists and fascists, what do you think?

My mom was a civilian worker for the CF, she was executive secretary to the commanding officer at CFB Longue-Pointe in the nineteen sixties.

Most people were more or less  bigoted at the time, and moreso in 1940. And now the right paints itself as staunch allies of Eretz Yisrael. Nice virginity surgery. Guilt and belated patching much? If only the Jews knew how poisonous that ‘support’ is.

And of course Québécois are tribal and racist. Mazel Tov.


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  1. fem_progress Says:

    Je vois que mes tits amis essaient de trouver un défaut à mon grand-père!

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