MITAKUYE OYASIN  – WE ARE ALL RELATED. So say the astronauts.

Interestingly, the perspective of astronauts who have seen our planet from above can be summarized by Mitakuye Oyasin – We are all related.

All is related. Earth is a system, a living organism. It is a spaceship. Our atmosphere is very thin and it is all that is protercting us from the harshness of space.


I often disagree with Mr. Coyne but here I have to say he is non-partisan. Indeed, we were told by most of the press « there is nothing bad in this budget ». As he points out, nothing could be further from the truth.

And some measures are shockingly racist or show the contempt for civil servants that is the usual fare from Ottawapiskat since at least 2011.

And expect a row with the provinces about manpower training. It’s already begun with Quebec. Also, I betcha the $5,000 is not going to be indexed.

Corporations already have too much of a say about what is being taught and HOW it is being taught. This makes it worse.

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The convention of budget secrecy has governed the release of budgets for many decades, on the principle that sensitive tax or regulatory changes that might move markets ought to be announced to everyone at the same time. Hence the “lockup,” in which hundreds of reporters are herded into drafty conference halls hours ahead of the budget speech and imprisoned there, incommunicado, lest they call their brokers with hot tips on, say, the doubling of veterans’ funeral allowances.

[np_storybar title= »Scott Stinson: ‘Devil’ could still be in budget details » link= » »]
In the cold light of a post-budget morning — and that’s not a metaphor given the weather in Ottawa on Friday — there is a key unanswered question about the document unveiled by the Conservative government on Thursday: where, exactly, are all the cuts?

To hear Finance Minister Jim Flaherty explain it, the reason for a lack of detail about spending cuts…

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March 20th – Equinox – is a DAY of Balance and Sacred Ceremony – a RED AND BLUE day started here on Turtle Island and then sent around the world.

Mitakuye Oyasin

Sylvia McAdam Saysewahum (One of the founders of Idle No More) posted to Sadi Broncho (a lady I have in my Facebook): « heads up tho, lets all plan stuff for the 20th, 21st & 22nd. I think I’ll stick around PA for those days ok? I’m going back to sleep, its like 340 am here. Have to catch a flight home at 7am. Definitely tho, would like to plan stuff when I get back. » [I was concerned that this was organised without the founders’ knowledge. This allays my fears.]

Sadi Broncho says: And here is a teaching from a friend to consider around this –

Gaia 3

Relaying a message from Theoldman’s Journal

The Journey to the Awakening of our Spirit together.

This Spring – March 20th – Equinox – is a DAY of Balance and Sacred Ceremony – a RED AND BLUE day started here on Turtle Island and then sent around the world.

A DAY OF SACRED CEREMONY has been called over the entire Turtle Island and around the world. Imagine the Prayer of every Pipe Carrier and Water Carrier and Ceremonial person opening « their  » Bundles and having the largest and most inclusive Sacred Ceremony this land has ever seen and Shared respectfully with those who come forward to Stand; combine this with the Equinox – a moment of balance between the Light and Dark – and the March 20 would begin the Indigenous Spring of 2013 around the Entire World. We will watch and take direction from the Women and then network this concept of UNITY and the SACRED – shared openly with all who respect life. Then we are really talking a Movement of Spirit.

We are going to open our International Networks FULL ON – the reason – Ceremony has been called for on MARCH 20TH – Equinox – starting here on Turtle Island North America and as the world turns the Morning Star Prayer and Ceremony will be called for in EVERY TIME ZONE. Then as the Sun Sets – a call for the reverse – a Prayer ceremony with the Waters of Life – and then an evening Feast and Gifting to each other. This is the time we have all prayed for and shortly thereafter a Movement around the World from ALL the Women of the world will begin to form…WORLD WIDE – the reason – our Human survival – and the time to SPRING INTO COLLECTIVE ACTION FOR CHANGE!

Blessings everyone for your help! Lets « CALL » the Change we want in our world. All it will take is 11% of the STANDING POPULATION OF THIS WORLD – and then watch the miracle of Life unfold.


( Blessings – hope this gets discussed with the people around Turtle Island and also around the world. Lets bring about change through the choices me make individually and collectively. PLEASE NETWORK)

Mitakuye Oyasin.

Todos estamos conectados

It’s time to be Light to the World

This from Aaron Paquette, the great First Nations artist and visionary.

It's time to be Light to the world

My comment:

Your vision is inspiring.

And here is mine: all women from the 4 quadrants (the Red, the Yellow, the White and the Black) will unite and rise to defend Mother Earth.

For our children For our grandchildren. And their grandchildren. Seven generations.

Hear the drums of our determination.


Rise, my sisters. It is time.

PROVINCIAL CALL TO ACTION to continue the struggle against the Harper Government™’s policies – Demonstration February 10, 2013

Pourquoi je refuse de faire des dons à la SPCA


J’ai eu des animaux de compagnie, ma fille en a et je vais sûrement en avoir encore. Je ne ris pas de cela. Loin de là. Je suis maniaque des chats.

MAIS je n’ai vraiment pas aimé l’enveloppe de cochonneries que la SPCA m’a envoyé dans le temps des Fêtes. Gros gaspillage de fonds. C’est jouer sur les sentiments des aînés (j’y suis dans 9 ans… alors ne venez pas me dire que je les juge) qui ont juste un animal de compagnie dans leur vie et qui sont assis (peut-être) sur un gros compte de banque. Je trouve ça dégueulasse parce qu’ils exploitent les sentiments des gens pour les siphonner.

Et c’est une approche des dons de bienfaisance des années 1950. Aucun investissement dans des activités visant à éliminer à terme le problème.

J’aime bien les animaux de compagnie mais je pense que c’est plus important de protéger les animaux sauvages, surtout ceux qui ne sont pas mignons mais qui jouent un rôle important dans les écosystèmes de notre planète. Et notre survie!

J’ai fait du porte-à-porte pour Greenpeace dans les années 1980, mon patron m’encourageait à parler des phoques, mais j’étais bien plus inquiète des déchets nucléaires. J’ai d’ailleurs crissé mon camp (je parle des années 1980, là! Ne basez pas votre jugement là-dessus pour l’organisation actuelle) pour cette raison. Je pense que Greenpeace ne fait plus cela. Qu’on les aime ou pas, ils ont un impact qui n’est pas mauvais. Alors je les respecte.

On peut me traiter de raciste mais je vais sauver mon espèce (les humanoïdes) en premier. J’ai un budget de dons limité et il va aller aux humains de ma région qui crèveront de faim, surtout les enfants. La malnutrition alors qu’ils sont en pleine croissance risque de les rendre malades, handicapés et non employables pour le este de leur vie. Et après on va venir les traiter d’esties de BS.

Au moment où j’écris ceci, il y a des humaines et humains qui se font exciser, condamner à mort parce qu’ils sont queer, torturer, violer… J’ai un budget de dons très limité. Je tente d’empêcher l’instauration d’une dictature au Canada (et non, je ne suis pas une maniaque des conspirations! Je me base sur une LONGUE liste de faits). Sinon nous ne pourrons plus rien faire pour protéger l’environnement et les animaux (sauf les toutous qui allument la clientèle des conservateurs…

Je soutiens Idle No More parce que C-45 est une attaque directe et peut-être mortelle (vu l’emplacement du Canada et les sables bitumineux) contre la vie sur Terre. Humains et autres, toutes nations confondues. Les gens du lac Lubicon qui sont collés sur les sables bitumineux ont déjà commencé à crever dans l’indifférence quasi générale!

Pour les dons, j’y vais par ordre d’intelligence, qui est la capacité de souffrir hélas. Les humains, les autres mammifères supérieurs (nom scientifique) comme les primates et les baleines et dauphins, etc. passent avant.

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Idle No More Global Day of Action January 28, 2013

global day of action jan 28

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