A wake-up call for Canadians


Bumping this up. I am so fucking angry and determined about this. Canada’s Indian residential schools have long been a source of national shame. Now, new research reveals that at least 3,000 children died while in the care of the churchES and government.


You don’t like my language? YOUR PROBLEM.

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I spent a lot of time when I was young reading about the civil rights struggle in the U.S. and South Africa – which is good, because I learned stuff.

BUT while I was doing that, there was a genocide going on in my backyard and I did not know about it. No one talked about it. Hey! It’s been going on for a little over a hundred years! No one saw anything?

We have been lazy, blind (some were wilfully), naive, un-knowledgeable, sometimes ignorant. NO MORE.

It’s okay to defend Natives across the world who are murdered by Canadian companies. BUT we should also and more-so defend our own First Nations here. We owe it to them.

And put our money and our energy where our mouth is. It is so easy to have peace of mind after giving to SPCA or CARE or World Vision (or even Amnesty International) to correct poverty and human rights violations abroad ot to defend animal rights. But too often, we do it while ignoring people who are freezing, starving, living in shacks, having no schools, their rights denied here in Canada, sometimes across the street.

Now Amnesty International reports about Canada because we’ve been complacent and asleep at the wheel.

We so-called progressive people should start in our country. OUR pollution. Our waste. OUR human rights violations. Because when we do nothing, we are the colonialists. We benefit from the system.

Another wake-up call, also very serious:

please plant flowers


PROVINCIAL CALL TO ACTION to continue the struggle against the Harper Government™’s policies – Demonstration February 10, 2013

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communiqué INM 24 janvier

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